How to Get a Barn Quilt

Since 2012, the Sampson County Tourism Development Authority has proudly partnered with local service groups, families, volunteers, and local artists to develop Sampson County’s Barn Quilt Trail.  Today, you’ll find over 176 barn quilts dotting our rural landscape…on barns, homes, and buildings throughout the county and along our rural country roads.

Many of the barn quilts along our trails in Sampson County and throughout the state of North Carolina have been painted by local Sampson County American folk artist, Kellie Tew.   Check out our video and learn more about her story, or visit her website.


For more information on how you can participate and become a part of Sampson County’s Barn Quilt Trail, please contact the Sampson County Tourism office at 910-592-2557.

Would you like to have a custom barn quilt made with your own design and be added to Sampson County’s Barn Quilt Trail?  Please complete our Barn Quilt Application and submit it to

Do you already have a barn quilt, and would like to be added to the Sampson County Barn Quilt Trail?  That’s easy!   Just complete our Barn Quilt Agreement and submit it to

We’ve got many ways for you to discover the art and your heart along our Barn Quilt Trail.

See our barn quilt trails by town, and print out a complete list for each town.
Travel along the Sampson County’s country roads and create your own tour with our mapping tool on your phone.
Let us navigate for you with our featured driving trails.