Victor R. Small House

Victor R. Small House

709 College St., Clinton, NC 28328

Phone: 910-596-2533

Dr. Victor R. Small was born in Kentucky and raised in Ohio.  Dr. Small relocated to Clinton, North Carolina with his wife in 1923 and began practicing medicine.

In 1924, he purchased the large Classic Revival-style house at 709 College Street from Mrs. Bettie S. Matthews. Mr. and Mrs. Leamon Matthews had purchased the house in 1908 from Judge Henry A. Grady. Before that, Abram Hobbs acquired the lot in 1869 from the Reverend Jonathan L. Stewart, who had come to Clinton during the Civil War.

It is thought that the house was built about 1870 by Abram Hobbs, but some records indicate that it may have been built as early as 1854. Adjacent to the west end of the house is a smaller building that Dr. Small added to serve as his office and practice. A child’s playhouse is located in the backyard.
Recently renovated the Victor R. Small House is now home to the Sampson Arts Council, Inc. who manages and operates the home as a gallery and museum. The Victor R. Small House is the perfect location for receptions, banquets.