Hollerin Haunts Hayride

Hollerin Haunts Hayride

2914 Bud Johnson Rd, Clinton, NC 28328

Phone: (910)-818-2240

Hollerin Haunts Hayride is currently located at 2914 Bud Johnson Road in Clinton, North Carolina (28328) four miles from Spivey’s Corner. They provide a wide selection of entertainment including a Haunted Hayride, a Haunted Corn Maze, and the NC Zombie Hunt.  Along with these exciting attractions, we will also host our “My Bloody Valentine” event every February along wiht out annual “Friday The 13th Blackout” event help on a select date and/or dates.  Plus we will be doing a Christmas light show as well, called A Christmas Wonderland NC

#1 Haunted Hayride in NC!

Call for dates and times 910-818-2240.  Seasonal hours.  Check facebook page or call for details.