Beartrack Farms

Beartrack Farms

461 Chesnutt Rd, Turkey, NC 28393

Phone: 919-357-6273

The Little Kitchen is the “on farm outlet” for all the products of Beartrack Farms. A state certified kitchen for the production of jams, jellies, pies, cakes, quiches, wholegrain breads and other healthy seasonal fare, the Little Kitchen uses our own ingredients whenever possible. Pound cake prepared with duck eggs is one of our specialities, along with fresh fruit cobblers and vegetable quiches. Eggs are available for sale during open hours as well as our pasture raised chicken, duck, and pork and our 100% grass fed beef and lamb. The farm and kitchen are open one day weekly for purchases and self guided tours of the nearby animals.

Beartrack Farms is a pair of uniquely managed properties in the Sampson County agricultural landscape. Supporting over 300 laying hens, 45 laying ducks, a fiber flock of Tunis sheep and alpacas, a drift of KunekuneX pigs, and a herd of RedPoll cattle, the farm produces pasture raised chicken and duck eggs, pasture raised chicken, duck, and pork, and grass fed beef and lamb. Unwashed alpaca fiber is available to handspinners. Seasonal produce and fruits are available in limited but increasing quantities as are healthy wholegrain baked goods, prepared in our on-farm outlet, the Little Kitchen, which has open hours weekly.

The farm provides visitors with a rare opportunity to observe and interact with heritage breeds of chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, sheep and cows. Using these breeds preserves genetic diversity in domestic livestock, demonstrates them to the public, and benefits the farm because they are better adapted to pasture based production than modern breeds which were developed for confinement.

Using ecological practices such as cover crops, rotational grazing and multi species utilization, the health of the soil is continuously improved, the health of the pasture is continuously improved and the health of the animals is constantly supported. No synthetic chemicals are used in production and most feeds supplemental to grass are produced on farm. Due to these production methods wildlife flourishes as well and the farms are especially enjoyed by birders and those who appreciate natural history. Tours can be arranged by appointment or self guided during open farm hours.

Follow us on Facebook (Beartrack Farms and The Little Kitchen) and Instagram (beartrackfarm) to see the seasonal farm landscape, animal babies of all sorts, and watch for annual events such as Shearing Day and Open House, or changes in scheduling as market seasons and daylight savings time affect our open hours.

Call for current open hours and tour availability.