Travel Along the Barn Quilt Trail up 421 North from the NC Coast

From NC 421 North, as soon as you pass the rest stop on your left, go about 1 mile, and turn right on Union School Rd. in Clinton to begin your trail experience.

Head down Union School Rd. about a mile, and you will come to a stop sign. Keep straight and you will see Register Farms on your right, where you will find these two patriotic barn quilts on their barn.

Turn left on Williamson Rd., (Register Farms is on the right). Drive for approximately 1 mile. Take a quick left and then a quick right onto Moseley Ave. Continue about 1.3 miles. Pass Triple M Beef Farm on the right. Drive a little further, and see the floral design barn quilt on the white storage building on your right. Very pretty!

Also on Moseley Ave., just past the storage building on the right, look immediately to your left, and you will see a barn quilt on a white barn on your left. This is design is reflective of farming and livestock.

Continue on Moseley Ave. and take an immediate right onto Mount Gilead Church Rd.  Drive about 2.9 miles.  Turn left onto Taylors Bridge Rd. (421 North).  You’ll pass by the Gilead Baptist Church on the right and Twiddle Dee Farms on the left.  Shortly after Twiddle Dee Farms, you will see Beartrack Farms on the left.  Look for a large red barn to see this quilt.

Look for the South Business 701 Clinton Exit Ramp on your right.  Then look immediately to your left, and you will see this barn quilt. Turn right onto 701 Clinton Exit Ramp.

Turn left onto Martin Luther King Blvd (Pawn Shop on the corner).  Then turn right onto Lisbon St.  Just about 1 mile down on Lisbon St.  The Sampson County History Museum is on your right side.  Turn Right on W Powell St, left on Graham St, and the barn quilt is on the backside of the old barn on your left.

Continue straight until you get to a parking lot.  Turn left into the parking lot, and you will find this barn quilt on your left.   Alive After 5 takes place the third Thursday of every month, at this location, in the summer months, with live music, food, lots of family fun.  Turn right back on Lisbon St.

Go to the traffic on Lisbon St, turn right onto Main Street.  Shop at Annadale’s if you’d like.  Take an immediate right onto College St.  See two more amazing barn quilts on the front of our historic B&B, The Ashford Inn.

Stop by the art gallery and see the historic home of Dr. Small, a prominent resident and local physician who lived in Sampson County from the 1920s through 1971 when he passed away, leaving the home deeded to Sampson County. This is our Signature Barn Quilt for Sampson County.  It is located at several locations throughout Clinton.

We have some great shops in Clinton!  Continue on College Street, and at the stoplight intersection, you will see High Cotton on the corner.  Leave High Cotton, turn right, and down to Jordan’s Shopping Center on the right you will find Matthews Gifts.

Circle back around and head to Historic Downtown Clinton, where you will find unique shops and it is a MUST to have lunch at Alfredo’s Ristorante Italiano, located at 101 Wall Street, Clinton.  Shop in Downtown Clinton.  Simply NC Shop is right across from Alfredo’s where you can get unique gifts from NC, and don’t forget a great cone of delicious ice cream for your trip back.

We hope you have enjoyed the Sampson County Barn Quilt Trail.  Please plan another trip, and take another trail to see more beautiful quilts in our county.

For more information about Sampson County’s Barn Quilt Trail as well as how to purchase one or have one commissioned, please contact Sheila Barefoot at (910) 592.2557.   We look forward to seeing you in Sampson County!